Upgrade your Ender 5 Plus V-wheel motion system with ExoSlides. Compared to V-wheels, ExoSlides offer less wheel wear, lower profile, more mounting options, and the possibility to make two parallel rails that are not over-constrained.

Say goodbye to having to repeatedly having to adjust V-wheel contact tension: the ExoSlides come pre-tensioned with a slight bearing preload, and will never need preload adjustment over the service life!

Also do away with V-wheel wear and dust: the ExoSlides have durable plastic treads that roll on the extrusion surface vs. the rolling and rubbing action of V-wheels.

The Ender 5 XY Motion Kit includes:
  • ExoSlide 20P, 6x
  • ExoSlide 40P, 2x
  • ExoBracket 20, 1x
  • Steel motor bracket, 1x
  • Steel idler long bracket, 1x
  • Steel hotend bracket, 1x
  • Steel angle bracket, 1x
  • Steel X belt bracket, 1x
  • Steel Y belt bracket, 4x
  • Printed XY endstop bracket, 1x
  • Printed spacer bracket, 1x
  • Crimped X belt, 1x
  • Crimped Y belt, 2x
  • Bag of all nuts and bolts, 1x

The Creality CAD project page under the Guides section also has CAD (STEP and STL) models for common hotend modifications (Bondtech BMG direct drive, E3D hotend, 50mm blower with duct)

Note: Ender 5 Plus XY Kit is a motion kit only (the extrusions and other transparent parts shown for reference)


Build Volume: 350 x 350 x 400 (same as stock Ender 5 Plus)




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austin moyer, Jan 20, 2022

I love this kit!! It makes my Ender print way smoother and it's quieter than the original wheels. Plus the customer service is fast and kind! The kit was hard to put together with the PDF but I managed to figure it out. Be careful trying to match it exactly to the x-axis, I bent a bracket trying. The customer service helped out within minutes it was awesome! I am definitely getting this for my ender 3v2!!!

Erick Couts II, Aug 21, 2021

Overall, the kit is nice. However, there really needs to be more play in the starting width of the exoslide wheels before tightening. On my 20x20 rail, the exoslide preload started off too tight and couldn't be loosened at all to compensate. This resulted in an exoslide system that's actually more resistant to movement than the stock 3-wheel system. While this could be blamed on the rail tolerances, simply increasing the starting tolerances of the exoslides being built and allowing them to be tightened down towards the smaller sizes would allow for a more broad fit. If there is a way to increase the size for the preload, I would greatly appreciate hearing it. Also, the instructions are lacking in comprehensiveness. Things like, "Flip orientation if installing a MicroSwiss DD extruder," don't specify exactly what to flip or why. There's also no explanation of where to install specific screws, just a picture of the finished product to compare to. Anything unseen is supposed to be assumed. I do like that they included the printed endstop. While I did attempt to print one, before I knew it was in the kit, the one I printed was craptastic at best. Just a few revisions and this system will be perfect.

Duane Appleget, Jul 15, 2021

After returning from a few days away, I discovered the centric nut tension had worn a flat spot on one of Creality's POM bearings. It took 2 days for the flat spot to relax enough I could print. With ExoSlide, I will no longer have this problem! I first heard of ExoSlide from Kersey Fabrications. While his videos do not show much difference in print quality, the PITA factor of Creality's bearings makes ExoSlide worth the cost! I hope ExoSlide will reach out to more YTbers in the future.

DAVID WILSON, Mar 31, 2021

I have installed my third one. Two on my Ender 5 s that I added a second Z lead screw mod. These are now mini Ender 5 Plus models and rock solid. The first kit was on my Ender 5 Plus and has been great.

Daniel Rake, Sep 30, 2020

Received the unit in a timely manner. During install I managed to damage a part, my fault. Emailed Gile, he sent the part, no cost to me. Excellent service. By the way, unit is as described. An great upgrade to my Ender 5 plus. Giles thanks so much for providing this product.

Dayton Doltar, Aug 31, 2020

I've been using this kit on my ender 5+ for about 2 months now, these are my thoughts.. The Installation process is some what involved. That said, it is completely worth the effort. I had reached maximum frustration with V-slot wheels and have had traumatic experiences with cheap linear rails. My Exo-Slides simply work and provide very smooth motion. I will be converting my other printers soon.